APP Development

We have recently developed an APP for Just Cartridges with one of Gill Marketing's Partners which is available on both the Apple and Android platforms.

The key trick to developing an APP is that it must not be a mobile website and it must offer new and exciting features so that people will want it on their phone and more importantly use it.

The Just Cartridges APP does just this and most of the features on the APP are not found on the classic or mobile websites.

If you would like to find out more about the development of an APP then please call us now.

The Just Cartridges APP in detail.

Just Cartridges continue to push the boundaries of innovation with the Company's new shooting APP. It has loads of essential shooting information and a selection of tools for the clay and game shooter alike, designed to improve their respective enjoyment of shooting sports in general.

  • Shotgun Certificate Renewal Reminder - just type in your shotgun expiry date and the APP will automatically remind you to send in your renewal 60 days before the current expiry date.
  • Quick on-line Order - an easy to use mobile on-line order form. Particularly useful for existing customers who wish to order on the move. Just fill it in and hit submit and your order will automatically be emailed to us for processing.
  • Bin Ends - our ever popular Bin Ends page is always available for you to peruse on the move. Automatically updated from our website, you will never be out of touch with our latest offers.
  • Clay Scorer - officially endorsed by the CPSA, this tool will allow you not only to keep a record of your scores, but will also work out your average and automatically calculate your current CPSA classification in any approved discipline. Linked directly to the CPSA classification computer system, you will know your class before they do - clever stuff!
  • Pellet Calculator - another clever tool to enable you to work out the pellet count in any given load and shot size. Essential information for the serious game shot, see how your chosen shot size affects pellet count and therefore your patterns.
  • Game Seasons - at a glance reminder of shooting seasons for game.
  • Grams to Ounce Conversion Chart - prevent the confusion of Imperial to Metric shot weight calculations. Don't know if it's an oz or 28gms? Check it the with easy to use converter.
  • Shot Size Comparison Chart - At a glance comparison of UK to mm shot sizes. With the advent of Continental shot sizes, you will be able to see exactly what you are ordering in easy to understand UK sizes.

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