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Atkin, Grant & Lang - Gunmakers since 1821

We have been working on the brand identity and overall development of the Atkin, Grant & Lang brand for over a year.

The first visible signs have gradually started appearing this year with new full page adverts in select titles and an increased branded presence will be on display at the CLA Game Fair so come and visit the stand in gunmakers row.

A new website is under development including a small online shop

Just Cartridges new website and App

Just Cartridges were keen to embrace increased use of the modern media and the explosion of smart phones.

The result has been the creation of a new APP - available on I-phone and Android platforms.

Combined with this has been the development of a new website which is fully searchable for products. Alongside this we have also developed a mobile website as shown on the Blackberry...just type in the normal web address ( into your smart phone to view.

Just Cartridges brand identity has been strengthened on all platforms - print, new media and even reminder promotional cards.

Ruag Ammotec Limited

A complete new website for the company with a limited online ordering facility for consumers.

Ruag dealers have a fully searchable product catalogue with over 1700 lines which can be ordered online for immediate despatch.

"We are incredibly pleased with our new website and have almost doubled the monthly visitors from our previous site all in the first few weeks of being live! Neville was professional and easy to work with. We would recommend Gill Marketing to anyone thinking of a new site, particularly in the shooting industry!"
Charlie Lucas
Marketing Manager

Gill Marketing was approached to help manage and create a new website for the company.

The site previously was a login in only site which created a huge barrier to developing the business. Working closely with the Farmacy team a completely new site was developed allowing orders to be placed even when prescription drugs were required. A unique prescription signing off procedure was developed to allow farmers to order their non-prescription and prescription drugs at the same time.

Francis Lovel & Co, one of our existing clients, took over the lease on a shooting school at the end of 2010 close to their premises in Witney and required marketing support for the new venture. Gill Marketing has created:
  • a new brand identity for the shooting school
  • an eight page brochure - click here to download the brochure
  • a direct response mailing for existing client base
  • membership loyalty cards
  • a new website for the shooting ground - click here to visit the site

Promatic Huntsman Game Trailers - 16 page A5 brochure

A very different approach to creating a brochure for a specific product had to be taken on this project as it had to have a global appeal. We have thus created a brochure that takes the reader on a journey throughout the "shooting world" starting with grouse in England, partridges in Spain, sand grouse in Africa, doves in Argentina and finally wild turkeys in America.

Click to download brochure

If you would like to know more about this project
please give us a call.

Raisthorpe Flyers - Brochure and Marketing Support

Raisthorpe Manor approached Gill Marketing for assistance in raising their profile and awareness for their Simulated Game Days known as Raisthorpe Flyers. This involved the creation of a 12 page brochure which was created using limited existing photography to keep overall costs down. New full page adverts were developed and in due course the redevelopment of the website for Raisthorpe Flyers.

Click to download the brochure

Click here to view advert

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